Month: June 2016

Secret Identity 

I use a pen name because I work for important people and I like a certain amount of anonymity when it come to being able to write what I want without fallout from my real life job. Plus the person who writes the stories, this person right here is destinctly different that the person who uses a key card every day, wearing casual dress, and drinking Starbucks. This person drinks pots of coffee and listens to loud industrial music and ponders the many worlds in his head from which to write from. I have so many stories to tell but that is the problem, how do I chose and is it the best choice.

I often find that If I don’t tack down a story somewhere it is gone forever in the ether that is my strange mind. I hear people talk to me at work but sometimes I am far away on a world like no other, standing on the plains of fire wandering aimlessly in search of lost jewel to bring sanity back to my lost world. I thirst for sanity in a world gone mad since the dark prince raided the ivory guild and made off with the Jewel of Toleranica. But then I snap back and remember the cover sheets on the TPS reports. 

Two people shoved into one space and I don’t know how long I can keep them stuck together before one wins over the other. They both fight the good fight but the victor has yet to claim the throne.

Until next time kiddies.


Laying on the floor

There is something so simple about laying in the floor in the middle of the day. It is relaxing and peaceful. Thanks for the idea cat.