Just me being me

Does anyone have so many realities floating around in their head, that sometimes you catch yourself living another one instead of the one you’re in? As a writer, I have 20 worlds floating in my head at a time. It’s magical and scary all at the same time. So many lives in my mind. So much love, so much sadness, and so much adventure all drifting through the ether of my cranium. People wonder why I forget things, simply put, I misplaced it. It’s in there, but where did I leave it? I maybe left it by those robots or maybe with those love birds over there, snap, it might be with the orcs. They are a shady bunch. My reality is a multiverse with my brain being the plain in which they all touch. Trapped in the middle of such a glorious place can be deceivingly beautiful and tempting to normality. I crave what lies in my brain as much as it seems to need me. It’s symbiotic in the purity and the insanity of it. I love it unabashedly and hope that someday I can finally show the world my body resides in the worlds inside my mind. 
“Just me being me”
Rio Martin 


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