It’s nighttime and the bear family gets ready to sleep in their den. Papa settles the Cubs down and after some playtime and playful nibbling, the Cubs settle for bed. Papa bear then goes over to Mother bear, who is restless and lays his giant paw on her back and strokes her fur. She stops moving and falls fast asleep. Papa looks at everyone and listens to the sound of them sleeping in the den. A sound he had become all to familiar with. 

He steps out of the den and sits on his haunch, staring up at the pale night, the moon’s light illuminates the forest. He wonders if the moon is lonely, up there in the sky. Papa nods at the moon in agreement, they will keep each other company.

Night after night, papa keeps the moon company, but one night the moon didn’t show. Papa gazed at the sky and all around looking for his friend. Where had his friend gone. Papa bear year yawned and went back inside. He laid down with mother bear and laid their listening to everyone sleep. Soon he fell asleep, cold and alone on the floor. Wondering, where his moon went and hoped it would return.

“Unbearable” by Rio Martin


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