Month: November 2016

Comic Con Update

The line to get in was epic!

I did see some cool characters.

The inside wasn’t much different!

There was an adjoining Renn Fair!!!

I traveled around and took some selfies like a good basement dweller!

I was even able to get a crisp high five!

Some kids did it right!

But all is not complete without finding the droid I was looking for!

I even saw Flash Gordon!! But I really didn’t want to pay $25 for a picture with him. So ghetto is as ghetto does. 

I got some sweet original artwork from comic book artists and and some great swag for myself!

Support your local geeks, because they could be out using drugs, but would rather read manga and watch cartoons. Don’t hate!


Comic Con!

Today’s adventure is going to my town’s Comic Con! It has grown exponentially over the last 5 years! I am excited about the Cosplay I have already seen while waiting in line to get in. I will update with a post with pictures and cool swag!

The Rise of Lex Luthor

Image taken from

So, anyone that doesn’t see the similarities of Lex and Donald aren’t looking hard enough. This is the turn for the worst and no one is listening. I will watch and cringe for however long it lasts. Just know, there will be no Superman, there will be no Dark Knight. We roll all four years and god forbid eight years.

According to a Quiz

I don’t always take the online quizzes. Usually don’t want to be culled into the herd. But this one peeked my interest. Unfortunately, the link malfunctioned and I could not share it. But it was a quiz on what kind of writer you are. I was hoping for beat or Gonzo. This is what I got instead…

I accept this. If my work gets published and I am considered amongst these great romantics. I can die happy.


Last night I spent the evening toiling away looking for an agent for my book. I realized since it was my first book and I have a regular job, that an agent would be the way to enter the fray. I have a list of 8 solid looking agencies that I am putting packets together for. Thankfully most agencies and publishers do a lot of email work. Much less money out the door in printing countless copies. Tonight I will be working on putting packets together and perfecting my query letter. I am excited but also extremely nervous about the whole thing! In the immortal words of Han Solo, “Here goes nothing!”