Enter Player 2

He stood behind her at the GameStop. He noticed her school outfit and knew it wasn’t his school. He saw her pretty red hair and how it rolled over her shoulders. He shifted to look at the games she stood in front of. 

She tapped her chin as she looked at the games. She wanted something fun and missed having friends who liked playing two player games with her. She also missed when they mad multi-player console games where you didn’t need Internet and everyone took turns playing in the front room. She thumbed through the Wii games and felt his gaze. She turned and saw the dark haired boy standing to her left. He was cute was with a mildly serious look on his face but it softened and turned into a bright soft smile when he saw her looking back at him. She felt her cheeks warm and pointed to the games and he nodded. She slid to the side and gave him room to look.

He stepped forward next to her catching the scent of roasted coconut in the air. He looked at the section and was trying to find something good and maybe funny and light hearted. He saw Super Smash Brothers and reached for it.

She decided that she would get Super Smash Brothers and bend her friend’s arm behind her back and drag her home to play. She reached out to grab it. Her hand was on an intercept course with his, she noticed but couldn’t stop it for. She felt her heart race as their hands grazed each other in front of the game. 

He pulled his hand back and laughed and told her she could have it. Her cheeks were red and she tried to say no but he insisted holding up his hands. 

She stood there with the game in her hands in front of him as he stood there looking cute with his crimson cheeks and moon eyes as he smiled. Her heart wouldn’t slow and she took a chance and asked him if he had anyone he intended to play with. He said not really but he might try and drag someone over to play. She laughed and told him that was her plan too. She swallowed. She reached up and pulled on a strand of her hair and asked the boy if he would like to maybe play it with her. 

He stood in shock of her question and nodded like a marionette. A smile came across his face as he watched her face light up with a big smile and she introduced herself and held out her hand. He told her his name, taking her hand and told her that it was a pleasure to meet her. 

She kept hold of his hand and dragged him to the counter, paying for the game, only letting go of his hand to get her money out. They spent the afternoon laughing and playing Super Smash Brothers. They each took turns trying every character. It felt as if they hand been friends for a life time.

He laughed at her laugh because it was infectious and just seemed to explode right from her very soul. She liked to take quick glances at him while he was concentrating on trying to beat her. 

They spent every afternoon with each other and soon, they would see each other for coffee or ice cream. They would talk of movies, games, and life. 

One time after they had finished some frozen yogurt and he was walking her home, he caught her hand and pulled her close to him. He leaned in and kissed her her. She sank into him, glad he finally decided to kiss her. He knew at that point, he had found his player 2 and she had found hers.

“Enter Player 2” by Rio Martin

#romance #writing #love


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