Wild Ones

There was a river deep in the woods where the wild children played. They had no rhyme or reason just playfulness in their hearts. They all had dirty faces but it was offset by their beaming smiles. Their wild eyes sparkled with amusement as they played on the river’s edge. Tali, the biggest of the small ones had climbed up an oak that hung over the river and hung a vine rope so the wild ones could swing and laugh. His red dirty hair stuck off of his head like fire colored straw. He slid down the vine and hollered a mighty howl at the wild ones, “Come and swing, it’s a fine day for a swim!” With that he launched himself into the soft current of the easy river, disappearing in a cloud of dirt. He popped back up a ways down the river to see Nala fly off the shore and grab the vine. Her long dirty brown hair flowed in the wind behind her. She squealed with glee as she let go and fell backward into the soft catch of the water. One by one the wild ones flew off the vine into the happy river. It smiled with joy at all the joyous souls playing in it’s old winding body. The children romped and stomped and plopped through the river. Tali climbed onto a rock at the edge and smiled as he watched his family have their day. It was everything he had hoped for. A simple vine can bring a world of fun and all they needed was to see that. He stood up and called his family to the edge, “Tonight we feast until our bellies pop, for the farmer have harvested their might crop.” He howled into the air and the wild ones joined in the event. They soon were damp but moving quickly to the village edge. Nala told them all to shush as she peered over the hedge. Tali took a gander as well to see what he could see. There was a wagon filled with goods and no person guarded it. There was no big person to stop the wild ones tonight. So with a quick flick of his wrist they were on the move. With muddy smiles they crept in the shadows towards the wagon. Hoping for a meal Tiler one of the smallest of the rushed before the others and grabbed apples and pears. They all froze as he shoved an apple in his mouth. Seeing no one stop him, the wild ones sprung into action. They filled skins with anything new they could carry. Suddenly a light flickered in the cabin window. Tali and Nala signaled the others. They sprung off the wagon with their goods and hurried back to their camp in the woods. They settled down and laughed at the good times. They shared their bounty and feasted through the night, finally collapsing from the shear amount of food and their bodies need to digest. Meanwhile, more lights came on in the cabin and a couple came out and looked at the wagon. The woman had tears in her eyes. She looked to the woods and asked, “Do you think they got enough to eat? I would hate for them to starve in those woods.”Her husband put a hand on her shoulder, “We didn’t die when we were their age, they will better for it.” She hugged him and they went back into the nice safe cabin.
“Wild Ones” by Rio Martin

#wildones #writing #children


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