Baring The Soul

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She stood there like a darkened angel cast down from heaven. She was fiercely beautiful as she watched him. He knelt down before her, with his bared soul in his hand. Words like “Love” and “Forever” and “Always” drift from the soul as it glows in his palms. Her face is lit by its brilliance. He swallows hard feeling his chest heave with emptiness as he waits to see if his offering will be accepted. How could she resist when he laid it out before her.
Her amber eyes close and she steps forward. She examines his soul and she hears its promises. She looks up at his face and a cold sweat has washed over body as she looks at him like predator to the prey. A snide smile cracks on her face and giving a glimpse to her perfectly white teeth. She reaches out with her hand strokes the ethereal entity in his hand. The soul changes from blue to red and glows brighter with her touch. Her smile grows wider and she looks up at him and he smiles back in the hopes of her approval.
She stands up to her full height, her body is toned and majestic in the magenta glow of his soul. She listened to the sound of its sweet words once more. Then without a word, she turned and left him there on his knees. He watched her leave, no words could be found in his throat. She never looked back.
He looked down at his soul, a little glowing embodiment of himself. Its light dimmed and it fell to its knees on the soft palms of his outstretched hands. It called to her, it screamed her name into the evening light, but she continued out of sight. A cold breeze blew the soul through the air like a dry leaf in the autumn wind and it fell back into his body. He put his now empty hands to his face and cried. He doubted every moment he ever spent with her at his side. But the memories haunted him, forever etched into his mind. His hands fell to his side and his fingers found purchase in the ground and he wept, his tears watering the ground beneath him.
“Baring The Soul” By Rio Martin

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