Her Laugh

Image from sosoactive.com

Her voice echoes in his head as if she was a chorus of angels in an ancient cathedral. The sound filled every crevice of his mind laying a sheet of herself over all of his thoughts. Now everything he thought about was laced with her sweet words, her smiling face, her very being danced on every idea that he had. He wanted nothing to do but to hold her in his longing arms. But shadows and wind were all that they felt against their skin. He could feel the lump dance in his throat. His nerves grabbed hard at his heart. The words danced in his brain like his own rendition of Swan Lake.
He laughed and at her jokes. The smile was never fading. Her laugh would consume his very being, sinking down to his bones. He relished in the chime of it, how it tickled his ears and made him feel nothing but joy. He closed his eyes and saw her face. Tortured by his mind’s eye, it showed their fingers intertwined and smiles on their faces. Her perfect lips parted as he imagined her voice saying those words he longs for the ages. It burned his heart, imprinting it’s very essence onto his soul.
His hands gripped the sheets of the bed as he listened to the beeping consuming all his thoughts. Her steady beat drummed in his head as he looked at her peacefully lying there before him. Words will never pass those lips again. Life will never impress that face and make her scrunch her nose in that cute way she always did when she was amused by something. He would never hear her laugh again. A single tear fell first, then there was nothing stopping the flow of water as the doctor clicked the machines off. He shook as the beeping slowed until it simply stopped. She never wanted to be like this. The doctor’s voice as he read the time to the nurse broke him and they left him to weep at her side.
“Her Laugh” By Rio Martin


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