Man Made Machine

Image from Pink Floyd’s The Wall

I stand before the man made machine of soul crushing family destruction. It swallows families whole and chews them up until what once was is no more. It’s cruel mechanisms traumatize and retraumatize the already fractured family bonds. Children’s screams echo from the machine but fall on ears that think it’s for the best and they will be happier after. The tears of their mothers and fathers oil the gears. The machine leers over the families that have not passed through yet. They see the shadows and hear the screams but are forced into the machine by the government. More tortured souls are fed to the machine. 
Some say too much power has been given to the machine and not enough faith has been given to the families. But once again, these words fall on the ears of those that think they know better and therefore don’t care what everyone else think. The machine grinds on. The tears ooze from it’s sides. The screams can fill a thousand caves. It is for the greater good or so they say.
“The Man Made Machine” by Rio Martin

#torture #familyservices #story


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