The Universe is…

So, I am going through a separation… this the single dad business. I believe we are actually doing better and seeing ourselves as our adult selves after 15 years. I did something flippant and dumb but it was dumb enough to bring the whole relationship to light. My boys are still working through their new situations but they seem to be acclimating to it fairly well. My oldest is very empathetic and takes somethings harder than most. I wish I could make it quick and painless for them, but it won’t be, it will be messy and crazy and sad. 

We spent time together, the four of us, the other day and it was actually nice. There are days like that where I remember tense moments and angst. But that feeling wasn’t there. We are becoming our own people and finding where we fit now in each other’s lives. I have no illusion to the fact that our lives are forever intertwined because of these two boys. I have no problem with that. She is a good friend and parent. 

But life moves on and so do we. I am hopeful of life ahead. I feel pretty positive about how things are going. The final act of everything will be completing the dirty work of simply separating belongings and paperwork. It is not a short road, but it is the one I am on and I am okay with it. It’s like being on a mountain road you have never been on before. You don’t know what’s around the curves and edges, but you are on the road at break neck speed because that’s how fast life is. Just remember, enjoy the view as much as you can, because that road will end one day. Passengers will jump in the car and leave again. It is life. It is the universe in which we live in; fleeting, fierce, and beautiful.

#divorce #life #singledad


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