Forgetting the Gate

You feel the imbalance creeping in from the edges as you have forgotten a few doses in the last couple of days. The darkness sits in the wings, a twisted smile crosses it’s familiar face. You try and make choices but they are blotted out by the sudden rush of anxiety as you break into a sweat. You know what is happening as your heart races. You shake inside and you brain sends panicked messages to your body. Knowing that it is slowly creeping back into view, taking over the stage of the mind inch by inch. Your alarm has gone off to tell you to take your pill again and you stare at the empty pill container. It taunts you with the fact that your ADHD has left the gate open for the black dog to escape. He chases you down the road. Your heart beats against your chest as you run as fast as you can but you realized you haven’t moved an inch, your arms and legs flailing, struggling to move forward as the black dog gains quicker and quicker. You can hear his panting, you can almost feel his teeth in your skin but you can’t move. Done in by your own mind, you finally feel it creep in. The stage goes dark except for a single fading beam of light on your beating heart but in moments… it’s gone.
“Forgetting the Gate” by Rio Martin

#depression #anxiety #darkness


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