Single Android

Image taken from Pinterest

Another episode of Single Dad. When things that are unexpected happen and you are unsure how to deal with them. My reaction, once the intial emotion has burned very bright is to become extremely logical and surgical. Decisions are being made and I realize that being an emotional creature in this moment will serve no one any benefit. So I have gone total Skynet. 

Now I am just dealing with it in the best way I can. By making logical decision, cold and emotionless. Time has run out on agreements and I can no longer deal with my current living situation and how long it seems it will last. So here I sit, cold and dark inside, looking at everything in 1’s and 0’s instead of Fire and Brimstone. It is best for me, but I guess that’s the deal now. I have to look out for my boys and me and if that means going full android for a while during my weeks to myself in order to get my affairs in order… so be it. 


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